• Steph Goh Bishop

2018 = Parenthood

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

This year has been quite a journey. Saying our lives have been turned completely upside down is an understatement.

This year, as soon-to-be parents and then actual parents, we:

- Started the year pregnant (well, I did) and was nauseous for about 20 weeks during the first stretch of pregnancy, about 4 of them were spent in 2018!

- Created an app and did a soft launch of the app at a conference at 32 weeks pregnant.

- Went on a beach trip at 35 weeks, and contracted the stomach virus (which took down almost the whole house, I'm sure we'll laugh about it later ha!)

- Photographed weddings all the way up to 36 weeks, which meant a lot of ambling along and the feeling of having a full on assistant (Sara Russell - you DA BOMB)

- Had some lovely friends from Singapore visit at 37 weeks

- While they visited, ate 6 Medjool dates a day for 10 days (apparently good for spontaneous labor and dilating/effacing) and then gave up because I discovered that I abhor eating dates straight.

- Had the baby come 1 week earlier at 39 weeks and 5 days

- Prepped since January for a BOMB natural labor & delivery, which happened and it was the perfect labor/delivery that I had imagined

- DIDN'T prep for Sienna having low oxygen levels which resulted in her having to stay in the NICU

- Stayed in the NICU for four days, which was a weird four days because we couldn't fully bond with her since she had to stay in her "box"

- Finally brought the baby home and realized that we had not prepped even a little about what the heck to do with a newborn

- Started back doing shoots at 4 weeks

- Had my parents fly across the world to see their granddaughter

- Almost wanted to die from 0-6 weeks of her newborn life because let's face it, a newborn baby is hard AF and we were so blindsided and thought we knew what to expect but didn't.

- Shot our first wedding when she was 6 weeks

- Did a destination engagement shoot at 6 weeks also, in Alabama

- Managed to get her on a newborn sleep schedule, which was amazing and life changing

- Then went to Arizona to do another promo for our app

- Which meant she had her first flight at 4 months

- Flew across the world when she was almost 6 months

- Since arriving in Singapore, Sienna has crawled, learned about separation anxiety and also started eating solids.

As you can tell, 2018 was a year of motherhood and parenthood, but yet living our best life and fulfilling our dreams. Being a parent has been life changing. For example, I used to think, man, how do people play with children constantly, and it used to tire me out, watching other people with their kids. I have now discovered that, I have an endless supply of positive emotion when it comes to being happy and excited for Sienna, no matter how much postpartum anxiety I have or how sad/angry/frustrated I am,

2019 will be filled with even more excitement as Sienna grows more and more and our schedule is filled with weddings, more trips to conferences and even some destination weddings.